LIACLeavenworth International Accordion Celebration

Gazebo/Grange Activities

June 21-24, 2018



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Leavenworth International Accordion Celebration
Gazebo and Grange activities


The Gazebo is located on Front Street  between 8th and 9th St.


The Chumstick Grange is at 621 Front St; public parking for the Grange is located directly across highway 2 from the grange next to the swimming  pool.


Festhalle is at 1001 Front Street (near 10th )


Note: The grange is 4 blocks from the Festhalle; the gazebo is in the middle. For accordion players:  it would be good to have a cart to wheel your accordion around town.



Gazebo Performances and Schedule

View the gazebo schedule!

Contact: Doris Osgood [email protected] (503) 357-0417


Guidelines for performing at the gazebo

The gazebo is a great place to perform outdoors for tourists and accordion friends. We have a sign-up sheet with 15 min. slots where accordionists may perform. Please view the current list of players and email Doris Osgood with your preferred times. She will update the list.

The gazebo has a sound system, microphones, chairs, and music stands. The sound system has local speakers and speakers that are stationed throughout town. A lot of people will be able to hear us.

We have the following guidelines for a successful gazebo event:

1. Your level of playing must be intermediate and above except the jam sessions at 4 pm allow for all levels

2. Your program must be well-prepared; the selections should be audience-friendly and include some tunes of the Bavarian theme.

3. Be at the gazebo 10 minutes before your scheduled time

4. The  jam sessions at 4 pm allow for all levels and music is provided


We look forward  to your participation.


Grange Performances and Schedule


Contact: Doris Osgood [email protected] (503) 357-0417


Activities at the Chumstick Grange (Grange); see Schedule for specific times.
The grange is a relatively new venue for LIAC. The Festhalle is a great place but there are not enough rooms to hold competitions, workshops, sell CDs, meet with accordion vendors, practice, etc.

This year, we are going to hold activities in the grange. We have the following activites:

1. Performance Opportunity: Performance stage; get the stage fright out of your system or just enjoy entertaining others; all  levels of players welcome. Sign up with Bonnie.

2. EVALUATION category segment of the competition

3. Workshops; midi accordion demonstrations

4. Free introductory accordion lessons – this works great at the Day of the Accordion

5. Possibly a quick/emergency accordion repair service

6. CD sales, Souvenier T shirt sales, Souvenier pin sales, sheet music for sale

7. Practice rooms

8. Do you have an accordion in the closet you would like to sell? Bring it to  LIAC and display it in the Grange.