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Saturday, February 27, 2021





Day of the Accordion
February 27, 2021


The Day of the Accordion (DOTA) is a 30 year-old annual event held in the greater Seattle area. It was originally started by renowned accordionist/musician Ken Olendorf and was held at the Seattle Center. When the Seattle Center House was undergoing renovation, the event moved to Crossroads Bellevue and has been highly successful at that location. As a matter of fact, we went from a 1-day event on Saturday to an event for the entire weekend. We had a successful event on February 21 – 23 just before the Covid shutdown hit.

With events still shutdown in early 2021, chairman Bonnie Birch did not want to miss doing something for DOTA. Therefore, we have planned a fabulous virtual event. Virtual performances are almost ready to go and will be posted online for all to enjoy. The get-live date is Saturday, February 27, 2021.

o this virtual event.

The Day of the Accordion is now live!!!! You can view this great event on Youtube at:



Note: There are 3 playlists featuring Soloists, Groups, and Student Showcase.  Just click  “Play All” or view players individually.

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2014 Day of the Accordion Pictures (by Ken & Sue McCauley)


Bonnie Birch Trio DOTA - Bonnie and dancers Fortissimo
DOTA Welcome table Dancers Bonnie and Fortissimo
Ken Olendorf Tribute Phoenix Underground Smilin' Scandinavians
Soundman Toby Hanson Toby Hanson and Lyle Schaefer




2010 Day of the Accordion Pictures

(Photos by Ed Lofquist)


2009 Day of the Accordion Pictures
(Photos by Ed Lofquist)


2008 Day of the Accordion Pictures

(Photos by Ed Lofquist)


Photos from Day of the Accordion 2007
(Photos by Ed Lofquist)